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Hydrojelly Facial Treatments

We know that the facials at Benson Esthetics are already a glorious experience – who doesn’t love to have their skin gently exfoliated by diamonds, feel the warmth of hot towel compresses on their skin, and breathe in the delicious spa scents? Well, we actually found a way to amplify your experience at the spa while delivering powerful skincare nutrients to your skin: our new electrolyte-infused Hydrojelly Masks!

Vitamin C Glow Facial

45 min, $155

This is our top rated solution to pigmentation without any side effects. Get glass smooth skin, radiant luminosity and a vibrant glow with this amazing Hydrojelly treatment. Book your appointment with us today.


Post Procedure Treatment Facial

30 min, $75

Experiencing an unexpected flare up? Book this Instant Relief & Blemish Reduction treatment. Anti-microbial and antioxidant properties will minimize skin irritation, rashes and redness in a matter of minutes.


Collagen Enhancement Treatment

45 min, $165

This treatment boosts the regeneration of collagen and gradually increases skin thickness for a smoother appearance. You will notice enhanced facial thickness that is lost with aging. Your friends may not recognize the new you.


24kt Gold & Truffle Facial Treatment

45 min, $175

Luxury, Luminosity, Strengthening, Tightening Perfection. My only question for you is do you prefer an afternoon or weekend appointment?

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